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We are Quanata

With the full backing of State Farm, we’re on a mission to help ensure a better world through context-based risk solutions, powering the insurance industry of tomorrow and helping enable better driving behaviors.

Global innovation team

We’re a world class team of tech-minded professionals from the best companies in Silicon Valley. From data scientists and actuaries to engineers, designers and marketers, we’re creating the insurance products and experiences of the future.

"I’m surrounded by brilliance, resilience and I get to bask in a culture of openness — every day. It's like a masterclass in learning and growth."

- Naoko, Data Engineer

Meet our leadership team

  • Jim Ryan

    SVP - Business Development

  • Steve Harris

    Senior Vice President

  • Elizabeth Clark

    VP - Governance, Risk, Compliance, & Procurement

  • Eric Dahl

    SVP - Growth Solutions

  • Patty Grealish-Rust

    VP - Finance & Business Operations

  • Blake Konrardy

    SVP - Operations

  • Greg Levitt

    VP - Product

  • John Minichiello

    VP – Claims Solutions

  • Ester Peña

    VP - Engineering

  • Callum Brook

    Head of Global Insurance Partnerships

  • John Kramer

    Business Development Lead

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