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At Quanata we leverage user and behavior based data with contextual driving information to provide more accurate and predictive risk insights that can enable positive behavior changes.

These solutions actively use driving behaviors, traffic and environmental conditions, in-vehicle telematics and many other data points to deliver holistic insight and capabilities.

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    Risk prediction

    Our advanced contextual data risk scoring and modeling for pricing and underwriting leverages machine learning and AI-assisted modeling across the customer lifecycle for ongoing profitability and variable pricing calibration.

    • Exceptional data science team

    • Full journey from onboarding to underwriting

    • Leading the way to sustainable, profitable net growth

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    Risk mitigation

    Within our growth loop your customers get rewarded for their good driving, engaged in the experience, turning many into vocal advocates.

    • Tangible good driver rewards

    • iOS + AOS driving apps 

    • Ultra fast web-based quote and self-service experiences

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    Acquisition innovation

    Our integrated growth marketing playbook and rewards platform create a growth engine for efficiently converting and retaining key customers and achieving excellent customer satisfaction.

    • Incentivized behavior change 

    • Improved good driver retention

    • Flexibility across raters, claims systems across geography and distribution channel

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    Claims Modernization

    Our advanced telematics capabilities paired with AI-assisted and data science led modeling can accelerate claims capabilities — providing a nimble and more accurate end-to-end experience. This includes advances in:

    • Crash detection, severity and causation

    • Fraud detection models

    • Claim status and self service

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    Quanata platform

    Core to enabling powerful risk scoring and digital product components, our fully unified, cloud-native technology platform combines the reliability of an audit-certified subledger with amazing start up speeds for clients to become operational 100x faster than conventional solutions.

    • Innovative mix of tools and tech

    • Cutting edge insurance platform

    • Multiple raters & claims systems

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